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Interface ProcessOptions

Similar to GroupOptions, it defines how a specific PidmanProcess behaves.


  • ProcessOptions



Optional arguments

arguments: Array<string>

The arguments to provide to the command.


command: string

The command to run without arguments.

Optional envVars

envVars: undefined | {}

(optional) Environment variables.

Optional group

group: undefined | string

(optional) The group identity for the processes that run in the PidmanProcess.

Optional id

id: undefined | string

(optional) The ID for this PidmanProcess. It's auto generated if none is given.

Optional killSignal

killSignal: NodeJS.Signals

(optional) Signal to send on kill. Default is SIGTERM.

Optional monitor

monitor: PidmanMonitor

(optional) The callbacks that monitor the processes.

Optional path

path: undefined | string

(optional) Run the command in this location.

Optional timeout

timeout: undefined | number

Not yet implemented

Optional user

user: undefined | string

(optional) The user identity for the processes that run in the PidmanProcess.

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